Apr 4

Palacio Scene Video is up!

FOUR years in the making. Finally it’s here!

The Palacio Scene Reenactment Video is complete!

Jul 1

Her Majesty’s DBS Featured at the SF Auto Show

San Francisco Auto Show
November 2015

Nine Heritage Aston Martins from the AMOC made their debut at the SF Auto Show.
Her Majesty’s DBS was featured, and drew record crowds.
The AMOC hopes to participate every year, with a different lineup, and some perennial attractions.

Her Majesty’s DBS shall retire from public viewing for a respray and some repairs following the Auto Show.
Stay tuned for photos of the second restoration….

Aug 23


Charles Krug Carriage House in St. Helena, CA
August, 2014

Her Majesty’s DBS stars in a commercial made for the upcoming Casino Royale Night, which will take place on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the Charles Krug Carriage House in St. Helena, CA

“…A Shaken, Not Stirred Event..” Benefiting the Rianda House. The DBS will be the centerpiece featured display, and the OHMSSDBS Team will be there for a Q&A and special presentation. Please refer to our “Appearances” section for further details or check out the commercial here!

Oct 25

Another First for Her Majesty’s DBS!

Niello Concours at Serrano Hills
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beating the heat of the day, and the competition, Her Majesty’s DBS rolled up to the podium, and Sal Garcia of Waterfront Automobili, and Thomas Mulhall accepted another First In Class award, to a wonderful ovation, capping off a rookie year that garnered two First In Class wins!

Updated photos and videos from The Quail, Hillsborough, and this event are all now in the Events Gallery.

Thank you to all of our friends who joined us, and a special thank you to Mike Fregosi of Fregosi Paints for transporting the DBS, and “coming to the aid of the party.” (To quote Fleming)

Oct 5

Her Majesty’s DBS Spied at The Quail!

August 19, 2011

Video Clip #1 from The Quail

A banner day for all on the OHMSSDBS Team as Her Majesty’s DBS made quite a splash at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. Joined by fellow AMOC members John and Cindy Lavendoski, who were dressed in OHMSS garb, Sal Garcia of Waterfront Automobili and Thomas Mulhall, with the lovely Amanda, resplendent in her Diana Rigg outfit, enjoyed the lovely day that is the premiere automotive gathering in the world!

Her Majesty’s DBS was well received by the Press and general public, and footage and photos can be seen in the Events Gallery. We will be updating the section as more footage becomes avaialable from many of the international press agents on hand that day. Thank you again to our sponsors for supporting the OHMSSDBS at The Quail.

Her Majesty's DBS Spied at The Quail!

Jul 9

Great Win for the DBS in Stanford Debut!

On Sunday, June 26, 2011, the OHMSSDBS rolled onto the reviewing ramp at the Palo Alto Concours at Stanford, and before a capacity crowd, collected the lovely Tiffany Crystal plate that signified First In Class on her debut!
The buzz of the crowd drowned out even the triple Weber carburetors, as Sal Garcia of Waterfront Automobili, deservedly given the honour of the drive, turned to me, and with tears forming in my eyes, and his, and said “We did it!”
The buzz turned to an ovation, as I opened the glovebox, took out the AR-7 sniper scope, peered out to the crowd, and spotted my wonderfully patient Amanda, a tear rolling down her lovely cheek as she waved from behind her camera. It was truly a Bond moment come true! I turned to Sal, as thoughts of 2 ½ years of steady work culminated in this moment that included the loss of Walter Harvey, and Giacomo Reni of Daytona Motors, and life threatening surgery on myself, and said “Don’t stall the engine on the ramp, it would be bad form.”
Our most profound thanks to the organizers, staff, and judges at the Palo Alto Concours, and to the many people who made this win possible.

Now, it is on to “The Quail,” A Motorsports Gathering…

Apr 27

OHMSSDBS To Appear At “The Quail” Concours August 19, 2011!


The entire build team would like to thank the Acceptance Committee for the opportunity to compete at “The Quail,” THE premiere concours event that takes place as part of the huge Monterey Week, on 19 August, 2011.
Thanks to our growing list of sponsors, which include German Motors Body Shop, BMW of SF, and Mini of SF, and Wurth USA, our DBS will be appearing at this prestigious event.
Here are the preliminary photos, taken to submit to the Acceptance Judges, and we do so hope that you enjoy them…

Coming soon will be a listing of the appearances dates for the OHMSSDBS.

Sep 9

Quartermaster Issues the Gadgets!

Finished product from our Quartermaster, Michael McCluskey of Scotland. His attention to detail, craftsmanship, and enthusiasm for the project is unparalleled, and appreciated deeply by the build team. Michael has not only built the stock, but modified the screws on the scope, designed and built the tray, and covering, and assisted with every detail of the silencer fabrication, design, layout, and execution (pun intended) of the Bond gadgetry. Once again Quartermaster, our most profound thanks…

Jul 28

We’re in the Leather!

Well worth the wait as the lovely Spinneybeck Derby Black hides are crafted by our artisan, Dan Acker of Acker Leatherworks. The first items to be completed are shown here, the door panels.
Once the chrome pieces are installed, just like the mounting of the wheels on the car made the Olive paint come alive, the gorgeous black Derby hide just sings! Working with interior panels such as this is a treat, even though nothing fits….We would like to thank Tegan Hoover of Spinneybeck and Dan Acker for their dedication to the project.

Jul 21

Rogala Returns!

John Lavendoski of the AMOC returned to San Francisco to check the progress of our DBS. John challenged the build team to have the car ready for next year’s events, and all of us vowed to join in the 100th Anniversary of Aston Martin in the UK!

It was a pleasure to see John again, and we thank him for all the advice, help, and loans of parts, especially the interior panels which we duplicated.

We wish John a bon voyage back to Austin, Texas, and hope to see him soon.